Alonissos: The top 10 beaches

Alonissos: The top 10 beaches


Alonissos: a small paradise on earth with dozens of beautiful beaches stretching along its coastline. Most of the beaches are pebbly, with clear waters and pines nearby, and are among the best in Greece. And if you’re lucky, you might even meet one of the Mediterranean seals Monachus Monachus in one of them. What then are your top swimming choices when you visit the island? Find out below in the text we’ve prepared for you.

The beaches in Alonissos worth visiting are:

  1. Saint Demetrius

It is one of the must beaches of Alonissos. The landscape around it is unique, with a tongue of land entering the sea. Its clean and clear waters offer an unsurpassed sense of peace and tranquillity.

  1. Leftos Gialos

This is another beach where you simply have to swim. The high pebbles and the green waters from the dense pine forest that surrounds the beach will remind you of the most exotic places. Behind it you will also find great, picturesque tavernas.

  1. The Kokkinokastro (Red Castle)

The deep green beach of Kokkinokastro, the red sand and red rocks,  in harmony with nature, stretching out behind with the colourful stones that create a magical landscape. To get to the beach you have to descend around 65 steps. The view, however, will more than compensate you.

  1. The Golden Apple Tree

One of the beaches nearest to the island’s main village (chora). Fine sand and turquoise waters are what distinguish it. Here you can enjoy various activities in the water, such as water sports. It is has a shallow seabed and is absolutely suitable for families.

  1. Votsi

In front of the village of the same name, you will find a small harbour with tavernas with this beach a little further on. A small bright-green bay is ready to welcome you and entrance you with its magic.

  1. The Great Murtias

If you live in Chora and don’t want to take a car, then Megalos Murtias is the ideal beach for you. It is one of the most beautiful on the island and is only ten minutes from the port. Before you you’ll see Skopelos.

  1. Russoum Gialos

An amazing beach with white pebbles and clear blue waters. After you’ve taken a dive or three you can enjoy lunch at its beach tavernas. There is also a harbour for small boats. Its name “rusum” means “duty” in Turkish,  indicating that in the past duties were paid here for the export of local wine.

  1. The Megali Ammos (Big Sand)

Its name suggests that it’s a long sandy beach? In fact, it is a small, pebbly beach, which is surrounded by a wild landscape of incredible natural beauty.

  1. The Plakes

If you love nature and simplicity, then Plakes is the place for you. Here, the sea stretches out before you, vast and deep blue. By walking just a few meters, you will find a small pebble beach hidden away.

  1. Tjortzi Gialos

Another beach of Alonissos that is worth visiting is Tjortzi Gialos. A beautiful, popular beach, it encapsulates the entire palette of the island’s natural colours, while standing out for its idyllic view.

Discover Alonissos and its beaches!

Alonissos is your ideal choice for truly peaceful holidays surrounded by nature. The island offers you countless beautiful beaches in an amazing natural environment. In the text above, we have presented you with just a small sample of what you must visit during your stay. So if you want to experience all the wonders it can offer you, then book your ticket today with Magic Sea Ferries at