Skopelos: The top 10 beaches

Skopelos: The top 10 beaches


Skopelos, an island blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean. What sets them apart is the combination of fine pebbles, pine trees that lap the waves and crystal clear, emerald waters. But which ones should you definitely visit when you are here? Check them out in the text that follows.

These are beaches worth visiting in Skopelos!

  1. The enchanting Panormos

One of the most popular and cosmopolitan beaches of Skopelos. A large and sheltered cove, with a pebbly coast and crystal clear waters, which deepen as you enter the sea.

  1. Agios Ioannis with the characteristic rock

Another one of the most beautiful beaches of the island noted for its rocky landscape and clear green waters. The small church there above the rock is where the famous wedding scene of the movie Mamma Mia was filmed.

  1. Milia, perhaps Skopelos’s most beautiful beach


A picturesque, long, curved sandy strip to be found on the west coast. It is surrounded by lush vegetation, while across from it is the green islet of Dassia, easily reachable by boat.

  1. The calm Limnonari

This sheltered enclosed bay resembles a lake – hence its name. An ideal spot for those looking for perfect relaxation and tranquillity on their vacation.

  1. Velanio beach (nudism permitted)

This is the only beach in Skopelos where nudism is officially allowed. Its natural beauty is breathtaking, combining the blue sea and the dense pine forest of the hillside.

  1. The idyllic Hovolo

In a secluded place in the west of the island, this small sandy beach offers perfect swimming for those who love tranquillity. Hovolo beach is surrounded by a pine forest, which adds more to the idyllic setting.

  1. The sandy Kastani

On an island where pebbly beaches are the norm, sandy Kastani stands out. This beach gained worldwide recognition through the scenes of the movie Mamma Mia. The beach overlooks the nearby islet of Dassia.

  1. Agnondas with its port

Located next to a beautiful harbor amongst the pines, this beach stands out for its clear waters. It boasts several taverns where you can enjoy fresh fish.

  1. The pebbly Glysteri

The pebbly beach of Glysteri is located in a magical location tucked in the corner of a closed bay. It is a secluded beach, ideal for relaxation. In fact, scenes from Mamma Mia were filmed here.


  1. “Ancient” Staphylos

This sandy beach with clear turquoise waters has to be one of your top swimming choices on Skopelos. It takes its name to the Cretan prince Staphylos, who passed through Skopelos to establish a small town.


Skopelos and its beaches are there for you to enjoy them!


This island is blessed with hues of blue and green that will make you shout “Mamma Mia”! So if you haven’t yet enjoyed the heavenly beaches of Skopelos, then this summer would be a good time to start! Why not you book your ticket with Magic Sea Ferries as soon as possible? Make your reservation at and…


Have a nice trip!


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