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Heaven on earth
Alonissos is a real paradise on earth with fanatical followers who visit it every year. An ideal choice for nature lovers, as well as those who love diving and adventure, as well as romantics everywhere looking for moments of rejuvenation in its idyllic nature.
It is the smallest island in the Cyclades. It covers a total area of 65 sq. km, while the length of its coastline is 67 km. About 2800 residents live here permanently.
In addition to its lush vegetation and exotic beaches, it has a fascinating seabed that lends itself to the most interesting tours and is the ideal destination for those who love diving.
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St. Demetrius
The landscape in its area is unique, with a tongue of land entering the sea. Its clean and clear waters offer an unsurpassed sense of peace and tranquility.
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Chrisi Milia
It is the most secular beach of the island. Organized and with fine pebbles, it is also suitable for water sports.
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Leftos Gialos
Its picturesque beach, which is located in a wooded area on the island of Alonissos, is ideal for diving. Behind it you will also find wonderful picturesque taverns.
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Red Castle
Another famous beach of Alonissos with deep blue sea, steep cliffs, white sand and green pines that is worth visiting.
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Megalos Mourtias
One of the most popular and beautiful beaches of the island. Located in a picturesque bay overlooking Skopelos!
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Pebbly and next to the pine-covered nature, the beaches of Alonissos are among the best in the world. Some of them worth visiting are:

The National Marine Park of Alonissos - Northern Sporades
It is the largest protected marine park in Europe and the largest habitat of the Mediterranean seal Monachus Monachus. (photo done)
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Don't miss taking a boat trip to Pelagonisi. It is the largest uninhabited island of the Sporades with the old liotrivi, the watermill and the small monastery of Our Lady.
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The Cave of Cyclops in Gioura
Among the boat trips you should do, it is worth including the one to the Cyclops cave. According to the myth, this is the cave of the Homeric Cyclops Polyphemus.

Alonissos is a haven for the most peaceful vacation of your life, offering you access to interesting attractions worth visiting such as:

Alonisso's Tuna
This tuna, in its most homely version, has nothing to do with the standard one. So when you are here, don't miss to try it.
The astakomanestra
The local astakomanestra is a variant of a pasta dish with lobster that should not be missing from the dishes you will try.
The cheesepie and other pies
The cheese pie of the Sporades, which every island claims, the octopus pie, the onion pie and the sweet pumpkin pie are local specialties that will surprise you.
The traditional sweets of Sporades
The traditional almond-based chamalia, puffs that look like loukouma but in a smaller size, as well as the local almonds will blow your mind.
Local wine
The island has been known since ancient times for its vine cultivation and fine wine. So when you find yourself in its taverns, don't hesitate to try a glass of white or red wine.
Gastronomic Experiences

Alonissos is an authentic destination with unique island flavors and dishes with an Aegean flavor. Here it is worth enjoying unique dishes based on raw materials such as: