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The cosmopolitan jewel of the Sporades
Skiathos is the perfect place for your holidays that combines a cosmopolitan character, green nature, golden beaches and a long history.
It is also famous for its nightlife, which ranks it among the top destinations for the young or those who feel young! Much of the tourism on Skiathos focuses on the unique paths of the island, designed for those who love hiking. Through taking the routes scattered throughout the island, the visitor can discover the island's main environmental and cultural treasures.
Skiathos is the island of the Sporades closest to mainland Greece. It covers an area of 47 square km. and has 6,610 permanent residents. The island has no villages, like some other islands, just the one town of Skiathos, which is also the centre of life.
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A beautiful beach that owes its name to the white pebbles that cover it and which the locals call lalaria.
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With natural beauty that combines golden sand, deep blue waters and lush green pine forest, Mandraki beach is sure to win you over immediately.
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This beach is a favorite choice of the youth. Get into the rhythm of the party, enjoying your drink or try water sports.
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It is perhaps the most famous beach of the island, which is included in various lists of the top beaches worldwide.
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Nature has been generous with Skiathos, which has a lot of greenery and dozens of beautiful beaches. Some of them that you should definitely visit are:

The Castle
This is perhaps the most important historical site of the island. Here, the locals used to gather during the times of piracy to hide.
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The Monastery of Evangelistria
Built on the highest peak of Skiathos, this Monastery is the most important religious symbol of the island.
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The Bourtzi Fortress
This is the ancient fortress of the island, located on a small peninsula in the Port of Skiathos. Today it functions as a cultural center.
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Enjoy Skiathos page by page as if it were a short story by Alexandros Papadiamantis, the great Greek writer who came from here! Do not miss to visit attractions such as:

Fish with Chorta
Skiathos cuisine is characterized by the combination of local fish and fresh vegetables from Central Greece such as squid with chorta.
The Cheesepie of Skiathos
Favorite appetizer of Skiathos and the Cyclades, made with handmade Baklava foil and feta cheese filling. You will distinguish it by its twisted shape.
The chamalia
A musky sweet worth trying. It includes a mixture of walnuts and skiathian pine honey, wrapped in puff pastry, which is then fried.
The Wine of Skiathos
Here you will enjoy unique varieties of wine such as malagouzia and rhoditis, from vineyards located on the outskirts of the island.
Gastronomical Experiences

The gastronomical wealth and culture of Skiathos include unique traditional flavors. Some of them worth trying are: