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Skopelos, the greenest island in Greece
Romantic and traditional, Skopelos is a favourite attraction for families and couples looking for peaceful holidays, carefree beaches, traditional tastes, nature activities and enchanting sunsets.
The island is considered to be the greenest in Greece, as 80% of its area is covered by dense forests and very beautiful trails within which are well worth walking.
Skopelos, the capital of the Sporades has an area of 97 square km. and around 5,000 permanent residents. It has three main ports: of Skopelos, Agnontas and Glossa.
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Beloved, large and sheltered cove, with pebbly shore and crystal waters, which deepen as you enter the sea.
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This is the sandiest beach of the island that became famous worldwide through the scenes of the movie Mamma Mia. It is surrounded by pine forest.
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St. John
Another one of the most beautiful beaches of the Sporades and the whole of Greece. It is characterized by its rocky landscape and clear green waters.
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Beautiful picturesque beach of Skopelos with a long, curved and sandy strip on the west coast of the island.
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In a secluded place in the west of the island, this small sandy beach offers a perfect swimming for those who love tranquility.
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Some of the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean are located in Skopelos. What makes them stand out is the combination of fine pebbles with pine trees up to where the wave breaks. Single out:

Saint John in Kastri
Picturesque chapel built on top of a rock. Made famous by the wedding scene in the movie Mamma Mia.
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The ancient Selinunda
Visit the ruins of this famous Greco-Roman state and tour the castle walls, the sanctuary of Athena and the Roman baths.
Panagitsa of Pyrgos
This small church is the symbol of the island and is an attraction with religious as well as historical value. You will see it as you enter the port with our ship.
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The Lighthouse of Skopelos
The impressive Gourouni lighthouse in Skopelos takes its name from the cape of the same name. Another attraction that will give you a magnificent view.

Skopelos has an important cultural heritage. It has been famous since ancient times for its pottery, wood carving, and its countless churches. Some of the attractions worth visiting on the island are:

Local fishes
Here you will taste unique local fish such as fagri and grilled octopus, shellfish and squid, as well as wonderful seafood pasta.
The cheesepie of Skopelos
In Skiathos it is called Skiathian and in Skopelos it is called Skopelian. Nevertheless, it is made with local cheese and is delicious. Try it in unique combinations such as with strawberry.
The almond paste
This spoon dessert made of almonds is only made in Skopelos. White in color and gel in texture, it satisfies even the most demanding.
The plum paste
Local dessert, made of juicy Skopelos plums in a light syrup. The method of its preparation has been unchanged for years.
Gastronomical Experiences

The cuisine of Skopelos uses all the fresh products that nature produces. Among other things, the flavors worth trying when you visit the island are: