Travelling with your pet

Travelling with your pet

Dear passengers,

According to Law 4830/2021 (article 18) – (IMPLEMENTATION: from 19/9/2022) concerning the registration of pets and following a relevant circular of the Ministry of Shipping (2432.6-8/61907/2022), the registration of pets is required during their movement on all ferries.

For the implementation of the law from 19/9, to avoid problems in serving passengers with pets and to achieve the purposes of the law, the alternative possibility is given for the passenger accompanying a pet to fill in a predefined declaration which can be found below.

This declaration will be handed over to the responsible check-in staff on board our company’s ship.

It will also be available to passengers who have not already completed it, from the ship’s staff, so that it can be completed before boarding. All passengers travelling with pets must have the following declaration completed.

Download the file to be completed here.