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General Terms & Conditions

The Company’s ticket holder agrees and accepts that the transfer will be made in accordance with the following terms of the Company 

Passenger tickets are personal, valid for the route and date issued, and cannot be transferred to another person. Reservations and/or tickets can be made through travel agencies, the internet, and at the company’s port offices.

For the issuance of the ticket and in order to register passengers traveling on passenger ships which operate from or to Greek ports (Directive 98/ 41/ EC/ 1998 – P.D 23/ 1999 & P.D 102/ 2019 /A 182) it is necessary to register/indicate: the passenger’s surname, the passenger’s name in full, date of birth, gender and nationality.

For the issuance of a vehicle ticket, the registration plate number is needed.

During the booking and issuance of the ticket, passengers are kindly requested to indicate their mobile phone number enabling the Company to contact them in case of emergency e.g. cancellation of departure due to adverse weather conditions.

Business, Premium Economy, Economy, or Super Economy tickets are marked with a seat number on the ticket.

Ticketing deadline
During the booking, automatically passengers receive an option date and time for the ticketing. After the expiration of this period in case the ticket has not been issued, the reservation is canceled.

Open date tickets
Open-date ticket holders must book in order to travel based on the availability of the itinerary.

Holders of open-date tickets traveling in a seat with a higher fare must pay the fare difference. Holders of open-date tickets traveling in a seat with a lower fare are not entitled to a refund of the difference

Duration of open-date tickets
Tickets issued as open-date tickets as well as tickets converted into open-date tickets have a validity period of one year from the date of issue.

Ticket cancellations
According to the time of cancellation of the ticket, the following apply:

Up to 5 days from the scheduled travel date, tickets:

  • Can be refunded without cancellation fees
  • Can be converted to open-date tickets
  • Can be converted to new travel date tickets

Up to 3 hours before departure, tickets:

  • Can have a 50% refund of the fare or
  • Can be converted into open-date tickets or
  • Can be converted to new travel date tickets

Return of fare without cancellation fees can apply for proven reasons of force majeure

In less than 3 hours, until departure time
Return 50% of the fare.
Tickets are not converted to open-date tickets or new travel-date tickets, however,
Conversion of tickets into open date tickets or new travel date tickets can apply for proven reasons of force majeure

After departure
The fare is non-refundable.
Tickets are not converted to open-date tickets or to new travel-date tickets

Open date tickets
Open-date tickets are canceled without cancellation fees if they were originally issued as open-date tickets.
Tickets that have been converted into open-date tickets are subject to the cancellation conditions apply to the original tickets.

Fare refunds are only made by the agencies that issued the tickets

Loss of tickets
In case of loss of ticket, the passenger must inform the company in writing & Issue a new ticket to the company’s port offices in place of the lost

Disabled people
Disabled persons or persons in need of special care must declare this during booking or ticketing.
The ship has boarding ramps and seats designed to serve disabled passengers.

Children up to 5 years old
For children up to 5 years old a ticket with zero fares is issued

Boarding procedure
Passengers must be at the boarding area of the ship at least half an hour before departure or one hour before departure if they are traveling with the vehicle and must hold with them their tickets and all necessary travel documents.

Passenger control
During boarding and during the journey, check-ins are carried out during check-in, passengers must show their tickets
In the case of discount tickets, passengers must present the supporting documents corresponding to the commercial discounts on their tickets.

Children and Young Passengers
Children up to 15 years old cannot travel without an escort

Children 15 to 18 years old are allowed to travel unaccompanied provided they bring with them upon boarding the ship in addition to the documents required by all passengers, a completed responsible declaration of parent or guardian

In the absence of the declaration of responsibility, the company will refuse the minor to board the ship.

The company’s itineraries are those that the company has officially announced and are posted on its website and are listed in its advertising brochures
The company reserves the right to cancel or modify them if necessary
The arrival times mentioned relate to the time of arrival at the entrance of the port.

Delay of service for reasons of force majeure
Passengers can board the ship without having to replace their ticket

Cancellation of service for reasons of force majeure
Aborted tickets must be replaced in order for passengers to travel on another route.

The ship has special areas for the accommodation of pets
Pets are not allowed in the enclosed areas of the ship
Passengers traveling with their pet are solely responsible for their safety, hygiene, and care of them.
The transfer of pets as of 01/03/2022 is under law 4039/2012-FEK A15 which concerns the complete registration of the data in the National Register of Pet Animals.

Passengers can carry luggage weighing up to 50 kg or a volume equal to one cubic meter
Special areas on board have been provided for the carriage of baggage.
Items of value can be delivered for safekeeping to the ship’s Purser’s Office.
The company is not responsible for the loss of luggage, valuables, or money in the public areas of the ship.
The transport of flammable and hazardous materials is prohibited

Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed areas of the ship (Law 3730 Ministry of Health)
Passengers wishing to smoke can use specific areas on the open deck

Travel Insurance
Sea voyages are governed by specific laws and regulations
Passengers must comply with them as well as the instructions of the Μaster and crew
The company may prohibit passengers who do not comply with them from boarding the ship
The company may check baggage and items carried by passengers for safety reasons
Passengers carrying a weapon must declare it when boarding to the relevant officers of the ship.
Passengers may exceptionally disembark after boarding the ship only if they receive permission/approval by the officers of the ship.

Passenger Rights Charter
Passengers can be informed of their rights on the website

Dispute resolution
For any dispute arising from the contract of carriage between the company and the passengers responsible for resolving are the Piraeus courts.