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The Aegean diamond (treasure)
Hydra island, is a magical destination of Saronic gulf, that will attract every visitor with its ethereal charm and exceptional beauty.The small quaint harbor, the traditional villages with the stone-built houses and the positive vibes make the island of hydra a unique destination.
The total absence of cars welcomes visitors to the beautiful routine of enjoying walks at the small coble stone streets and the traditional alleys, while the beautiful beaches will offer crystal water and a peaceful environment.
Hydra island is proven to be a destination beyond expectations creating a unique, memorable experience to every visitor.
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Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicolas)
Located a little further, Agios Nikolaos beach is one of the most beautiful on the island, most known for the crystal-clear water and the natural beauty that surrounds the area.
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The most popular beach of the island is the organized beach of Mandraki. A small bay with golden sand and shallow water perfect for water sport lovers.
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An organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent, perfect for families. Located very close to Molo - the main harbor of hydra. Visitors can easily access by foot or by using the local transportation. Nearby are restaurants, coffee places, bars and taverns where visitors can enjoy their coffee or lunch.
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Spilia (Cave)
Located on the outer side of the harbor of the island, Spilia is a remarkable rocky beach that will charm every visitor.
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The perfect spot to watch a magical sunset while enjoying a coffee or a cold drink from the beach bar. Ydroneta is also a rocky beach located a little further from Spilia (cave) beach.
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Nature has been generous to Hydra, which boasts picturesque landscapes and enchanting beaches. Some of the ones you absolutely must visit are:

The historical archive museum of Hydra
A local museum that presents the cultural heritage and the rich history of the island. Through the displays the events and the exhibitions that hosts, the museum help the visitors to understand the local traditions of the island.
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The port of Hydra
The quaint port of hydra is one of the most beautiful and traditional ports in Greece and hosts along the harbor small fishing boats and luxury yachts.
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The church of Agios Konstantinos (St Constantine church)
A spectacular Greek orthodox church dedicated to the protector of the island, St Constantine. It is one of the most iconic buildings of the island.

Enjoy Hydra page by page as if it were a painting by Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas, the important Greek painter who was inspired by this island! Be sure not to miss visiting attractions such as:

Small handmade pasta, shaped like clams and served with melted butter.
Petrobarbouna (Red Mullets)
A traditional recipe for red mullets since hydra is known for fishing.
Macaroons (Amygdalota)
Kourabiedes, almond pears (ahladakia), skaltsounia & sugared baklava (zaharobaclavas)
An amazing local desert is Lalangites. Pancakes with honey syrup or petimezi (grape molasses).
Gastronomical Experiences

The gastronomic wealth and culture of Hydra include unique traditional flavors. Some of the ones worth trying are: