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Agia Marina – Aegina

An Oasis close to Athens
Meet Agia Marina the quaint port of Aegina. A beautiful village with amazing sandy beaches with crystal, emerald waters. A perfect destination for sun lovers Agia Marina of Aegina is a place full of history, beauty and authentic island spirit. About 30 min from the port of Piraeus, Agia Marina seems the ideal destination for a cool getaway, that will help you take a short break from you daily routine.
Let the quaint alleys charm you, relax at the beautiful beaches with the crystal water, visit the archeologic monuments that reveal the glorious past of the island and taste the local flavours at the traditional taverns.
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Agia Marina Beach
The most popular beach of Aegina, Agia Marina. A long sandy coast, with children-friendly shallow waters ideal for families. Visitor can enjoy nearby coffee places, taverns, bars and restaurants.
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Kleidi / Klima Beach
An isolated beach. Kleidi, also known as Klimais a sandy beach with high hills and crystal water. A place that offers a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.
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Loutra Beach, Souvala
Apart from the natural springs, Loutra beach is an organized sandy beach.
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One of the most popular of Aegina is the beach of Aeginitiss. Mainly known for the rich vegetation of eucalyptus trees that reach till the shore.
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Moni Beach
Located close to St Nektarios monastery, offers quiet atmosphere and emerald, crystal water. Ideal for whoever seeks peaceful environment.
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Nature has been generous to Aegina, which boasts enchanting landscapes and wonderful beaches. Some of the ones you absolutely must visit are:

The temple of Afea (or Aphaia)
The temple of Afea was built around the 5th century B.C. and is one of the oldest and most important monuments of Greece. Located to the top of a hill offering a beautiful landscape view of the Aegean Sea.
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Agios Nectarios monastery
One of the most important religious destinations in Greece and a world-wide known monastery. Built at a quaint location, it is dedicated to Agios Nektarios one of the most important Orthodox Saints in Greece.
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Eleonas (Olive Groves)
The olive grove of Aegina dated around the 7th century b.c., is one of the oldest tilled places in Greece. Take a walk at the paths of Eleon, meet the centuries old olive trees and learn about the production of the popular Olive Oil of Aegina.
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Kazantzakis Museum
Located to his house is the museum of Nikos Kazantzakis, where he lived his life and wrote the novel: “Life and Time of Alexis Zorbas”. You can visit and see his desk, read his manuscripts and other personal belongings.
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Markellos Tower (Also known as Bourtzi)
Located in the Capital of Aegina, telling the story of the glorious past of the island and offering a magical view. Built in 1802, named after one of the leaders of the Greek revolution Spyros Markellos
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Einardio School
One of the most famous Kapodistrian buildings of Aegina and the first neoclassical in Greece. Its history is connected with the foundation of the first educational institution for future teachers.
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The cultural wealth and history of Aegina include unique attractions. Some of the ones worth visiting are:

Pistachio of Aegina
Very popular for the amazing taste and quality. Used for several recipes such as desserts, pasteli.
Olive Oil
Aegina produces an essential olive oil, used for cooking, salads and sauces.
A must try dish of Aegina is Katsoules. Although can be found also at different places, Psarolivada around Aegina are considered a perfect biotope.
Local varieties of wine
Produced by Aegina’s varieties of grapes mostly for local consumption is the famous Retsina of Aegina.
A high quality honey with rich taste and aroma. Used for several recipes such as desserts, beverages and marinades.
Gastronomical Experiences

The gastronomic wealth of Aegina includes unique traditional flavors. Some of the ones worth trying are: