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The Aegean diamond (treasure)
Hydra island, is a magical destination of Saronic gulf, that will attract every visitor with its ethereal charm and exceptional beauty.The small quaint harbor, the traditional villages with the stone-built houses and the positive vibes make the island of hydra a unique destination.
The total absence of cars welcomes visitors to the beautiful routine of enjoying walks at the small coble stone streets and the traditional alleys, while the beautiful beaches will offer crystal water and a peaceful environment.
Hydra island is proven to be a destination beyond expectations creating a unique, memorable experience to every visitor.
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Visiting Faros beach, you meet the beautiful chapel of St Gregory while you get to enjoy the spectacular view of Chrisopigi. Small convenient stores, restaurant, taverns and coffee stores is everything someone might need and will be able to enjoy at Faros beach.
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The amazing vegetation makes perfect natural shade. Kamares beach, meeting the criteria, is awarded every year with a blue flag.
4.5868 reviews
Quaint and windless with gold-hazel sand and emerald water. A Beautiful quiet bay with peaceful water ideal to explore.
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Platis Gialos
Also awarded with a blue flag, Platis Gialos beach is the longest and most popular sandy coast of the island. An organized beach with beach bar and shallow water ideal for families and water lovers.
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A Beautiful rocky coast with emerald water. Organized with sunbeds and 3 convenient stores.
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Nature has been generous with Sifnos, which has enchanting landscapes and wonderful beaches. Some of them that you should definitely visit are:

The capital of Sifnos with the quaint alleys, the small white-washed houses and the cycladic architecture. Built amphitheatrically on top of three hills it is located at the center of the island
Archeological Museum
From the medieval to the Roman period, hosting a collection of findings, sculptures, statues etc, that reveal the history of the island.
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Monastery of Chrisopigi
Historical orthodox monastery with panoramic view of the Aegean sea, close to Apollonia. Located on the rocky hill of Chrisopigi and represents the patron Saint of the island
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Kastro (Castle)
One of the most beautiful settlements and probably the oldest. Kastro is the first capital of the island has been populated many times since 3rd millenium BC.
Seven Martyrs church
A small but quaint church, built on a hill with the breathtaking view of the endless blue.
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Sifnos, an island graced with Cycladic beauty and a deep historical heritage, beckons you to enjoy memorable experiences. Make sure to explore landmarks such as:

Atraditional recipe with beef and a lot of local herbs and spices usually served with rice or potatoes
Manouri Sifnou
Semi-soft, spicy cheese from goat fresh milk, ideal for salads and saganaki (fried juicy cheese served hot with lemon )
Marathokeftedes (Fennel-balls)
Fried balls with fennel, onion and spices, ideal to serve with wine.
Revithokeftedes (Chickpea-Balls)
Fried balls of chickpea with onion and spices, ideal dish to serve with ouzo.
Uncooked almonds
Traditional dessert of Sifnos Island that does not need cooking. A dessert that accompanied every good moments of the residents of Sifnos.

The culinary wealth and culture of Sifnos includes unique traditional flavors. The island is known for its culinary traditions and special recipes. Some of them worth trying are: