Skiathos: The top 10 beaches

Skiathos: The top 10 beaches


Skiathos is a cosmopolitan island with many beautiful beaches considered to be the best in the Aegean and in the whole of Greece, One or some of them is bound to become your favourites. Which ones then are worth visiting when you are on the island? You can find out by reading the text we’ve prepared for you.

The following beaches are worth visiting in Skiathos:

  1. The famous Koukounaries

One of the most well-known beaches in Europe with fine golden, shimmering sand. Deep blue, crystal clear water, and behind the Koukounaria forest, which stops just a few meters before the sea.

  1. Kanapitsa, everyone’s favourite

Another of Skiathos’s popular beaches, with its sandy and crystal clear waters. This is an organized beach with beach bars and restaurants, while also being ideal for lovers of water sports.

  1. The well-known Banana

Banana got its name from its curved banana shape, but also from the golden colour of its coast. It essentially consists of two beaches, the small and the large. Every year, the two host thousands of beachgoers. In fact, the Mikri (Small) Banana is a top nudist destination in Europe.

  1. Lalaria, truly a paradise on earth

Known like no other beach in Skiathos, Lalaria with its shiny pebbles and its otherworldly beauty is an ideal choice for a day trip. Access is only possible by boat or by 4×4 vehicle that passes through a difficult route.

  1. Mandraki, the isolated bay

Mandraki is a secluded bay on the Northwest coast of Skiathos, ideal for calm, relaxing dips. Behind it is the pine forest of the same name, with trees growing on sandy soil.

  1. Tsougria beach on the little islet of the same name

Accessible by boat, Tsougria is a beach bearing the same name as the green Sporades islet, and located opposite the port of Skiathos. Covered by dense vegetation with pines, it is a popular summer destination.

  1. The calm Vromolimnos

Hidden away in a cove, the beach of Vromolimnos will win you over with its calm crystal waters and wonderful fine sand. Here, in addition to beach bars and tavernas, you will also find a beach volleyball court and water sport facilities.

  1. Agia Eleni with a view of Pelion

Agia Eleni is another beautiful, quiet beach of Skiathos. The colours, the golden sand, the clear blue waters and its beautiful natural environment will entrance you. It also offers you a view of the enchanting Pelion.

  1. The Windless Dome (Apanemos Troulos)

This beach owes its name to the islet that is located there, which resembles a dome. It is an ideal choice for families because, in addition to its shallow waters and wonderful sandy beach, it is also known because it is sheltered from the winds. It is surrounded by greenery and pine trees, a typical feature of Skiathos.

  1. The King of Skiathos

No, Skiathos has not become a monarchy! Its King is none other than the sandy, fully organised beach of the same name. It got its name during the Byzantine period, as the area was once a place of leisure for Byzantine Emperors.

Skiathos and its beaches are waiting for you to discover them!

Cosmopolitan Skiathos is the right place for a vacation that you’ll never forget. Apart from its abundant greenery, picturesque landscapes and hospitable people, it is renowned for its amazing beaches. Therefore, why not visit the best of them that will leave you with memories for a lifetime. So, wait no longer! Book your ticket with Magic Sea Ferries at and experience their magic!